Top Paw Dog Grooming

...essential to your pet’s health, wellbeing and happiness...

Below is an overview of the services Top Paw Dog Grooming provides. I aim to provide the highest level of expert care and, excellence in service. Prices vary according to dog breed, condition of the coat and service provided. Call for more information on pricing.


This entails using the highest quality shampoos and conditioners to bring out the best in your dogs coat. The upmost care is taken to examine your dog for fleas and tics, and should any be found your dog is treated instantly with specialist flea shampoo. (Please note that there is a small surcharge for flea shampoo. Owners will be informed prior to treatment).


NO cages or drying cabinets are used for drying any dog!  Drying a dog  involves removing any excess water with a towel before using a specially designed high velocity dryer followed by a finishing dryer which ensures that your dog is left completely dry.

Hand Drying

Hand stripping is a service I offer for particular breeds, or if the owner requires clipping.

Clipping/ Hand Stripping

It is essential for the overall health of your dog's feet that their nails are clipped regularly. This service includes nail clipping and filing to remove sharp tips. Pads are also checked and the excess fur is removed.

Nail Trimming

Ears and eyes will be checked with every groom, and if necessary cleaned with special eye and ear solutions. Some breeds need to have their ears plucked to remove excess fur from the ear cannel .

Ear and Eye Care

Local Collection and Delivery Service

Local collection and delivery service is available upon request for a minimal charge. Please speak to Karen for further details.

Rectangular Callout: “...I'm just so happy with the way Aston looks. You've done a fantastic job. I will highly recommend you. I'm sorry that he was matted very bad, and that he was the worse you've seen. But now we can keep on top of it, thanks to you. Thanks so much, my dad is a very happy man. We all appreciate your hard work Take care. Curt :-) “